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21st - Rick Parfitt article in The Daily Mail (UK)

The following article appeared in the UK's Daily Mail newspaper on January 21st, titled "New heart operation for Status Quo star Rick Parfitt less than two months after first".

"Status Quo star Rick Parfitt has had a second heart operation to fit a stent in a blocked artery – less than two months after a first was fitted. Surgeons at a West London hospital used keyhole surgery to insert the mesh tube through a vein in his groin.

The 63-year-old guitarist had a similar stent fitted after suffering a heart attack the night before Status Quo started their Christmas tour on December 3. A source close to the star said the procedure to fit a second stent had been planned for some time.

Parfitt had a quadruple heart by-pass in 1997. He has since admitted he was ‘clinically dead’ at one point during the operation, revealing: ‘The cardiologist told me that I’d been clinically dead for 12 minutes during the operation and they’d kept me alive artificially. He also recorded the operation and gave me the video - I’ve never been able to watch it.’

In December 2005, Parfitt also survived a throat cancer scare. He underwent laser surgery to remove two growths from his larynx which proved to be benign.

The twice-divorced star became a father again in 2008 to twins Tommy and Lily with third wife Lyndsay Whitburn, who he lives with in Spain. Talking of being an older father, he has since said: ‘I admit at my age it’s not easy when it comes to sleepless nights but I’m taking it all in my stride. I’m having a ball as an older father and it’s put a spring in my step. No doubt there will be some people who disapprove of a man fathering a child in his 60s but the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages.’"

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