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That was the Quo month that was ... January 2006

16th - Rick Parfitt Junior & Senior on Rock Star Kids (Sky One, UK)

Rick Parfitt and his son Richard appeared on the Sky One show "Rock Star Kids" on January 16th. Along with interviews, there was also live footage from the Quo gig at Blickling Hall on July 16th.

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23rd - Announcement of Quo's role in Care Factor Zero in The Sun (UK)

The following short article appeared in the UK's Sun newspaper on January 23rd.

"AGING rockers Status Quo are to star in their own action film after their successful cameo role on Coronation Street last year. Francis Rossi, 56, and guitarist Rick Parfitt, 57, will play themselves in Care Factor Zero, a thriller to be filmed in London next year.

In the flick, the pair go on the run after witnessing a murder. They will also record the movie’s soundtrack.

Director Stuart St Paul, who worked with the pair on Coronation Street, said: “We are trying to turn the lads into action stars. I could have cast Jean-Claude Van Damme.”

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30th - Re-issues of all Quo albums from 1982-2001 released in UK

The last swag of re-issues of Quo albums was released in the UK on January 30th. This last batch consisted of 11 albums originally released between 1982 and 2001.

"1+9+8+2" (Mercury 983 412-7) comes with three bonus tracks, in the form of "Calling The Shots" (originally the B-side to the Irish release of "Jealousy" in 1982), and "Hold You Back" and "Over The Edge" (both from "Live at the NEC 1982").

Next up is "Live at the NEC" (Mercury Records 983 393-6) which, perhaps disappointingly, is not the fully-fledged double CD some had been anticipating - it comes just with "Dirty Water" and "Down Down", both previously unavailable on CD (though already available on the flipside of the 1982 12" reissue of "Caroline").

"Back To Back" (Mercury Records 983 412-6) is enhanced considerably by the addition of a total of eight bonus tracks. "The Wanderer" is an uninspired choice, but "Going Down Town Tonight" (billed as the 7" single version but appears not to be as the distinguishing guitar solo of the single is strangely absent here), "I Wonder Why" (flipside of the Rossi/Frost single "Modern Romance"), "Ol' Rag Blues (extended re-mixed version from 12" single)", "A Mess Of Blues (Extended version from 12" single)", Cadillac Ranch (album out-take), "Ol' Rag Blues" (demo version) and "The Wanderer (Sharon The Nag Mix)" (originally seen on the CD single of "Who Gets The Love") provide some limited interest.

Moving to 1986, "In The Army Now" (Mercury Records 983 412-5) comes with six bonus tracks from the 80s - "Lonely" (flipside of the "Rollin' Home" singles), "Keep Me Guessing" (flipside of the 12" single version of "Rollin' Home" only), "Don't Give It Up" (B-side of "Red Sky" single), "Heartburn" (B-side of "In The Army Now" single), "Late Last Night" (B-side and CD single versions of "In The Army Now") and "Long Legged Girls" (flipside of "Dreamin'").

Next up is "Ain't Complaining" (Mercury Records 983 412-4) which also appends six bonus tracks to its original playlist. The extra tracks are "That's Alright" (B-side of "Ain't Complaining" single), "Lean Machine" (flipside of "Ain't Complaining" 12" and CD single formats), "Halloween" (B-side of "Who Gets The Love" singles), "The Reason For Goodbye" (B-side of 12" single version of "Who Gets The Love"), "The Greatest Fighter" (previously only available via the "Rockers Rollin'" anthology CD set) and "Running All Over The World" (1988 single release).

Rounding out the eighties collection is "Perfect Remedy" (Mercury Records 983 412-3) which motivates its repeated purchase via yet another six bonus offerings - "Gone Thru The Slips" (B-side of "Not At All" singles), "Rotten To The Bone" (B-side of "Little Dreamer" singles), "Doing It All For You" (from the 12" and CD singles of "Little Dreamer"), "Dirty Water" (live, culled from "Anniversary Waltz" 12" and CD singles), "The Power Of Rock" (edited version) and "The Anniversary Waltz" (7" single version).

The nineties kick off with the always impressive "Rock Til You Drop" (Mercury Records 983 387-6) which, given its long original length, is presented here as is, but for the remastering efforts of Tim Turan. Next cab off the remastering rank is "Live Alive Quo" (Mercury Records 983 387-5) with the single version of the "Roadhouse Medley" as its sole bonus track.

1994's "Thirsty Work" (Mercury Records 983 412-2) comes next with five bonus tracks, in the shape of "Survival" (previously only available via the CD digipack version of "I Didn't Mean It"), "She Knew Too Much" (from the same "I Didn't Mean It" package), "Tossin'& Turnin'" (previously only available via the CD digipack version of "Sherri Don't Fail Me Now"), "Down To You" (from the same "Sherri" package) and "Beautiful" (recorded during the "Thirsty Work" sessions and released as the flipside to "Sherri Don't Fail Me Now").

The controversial covers album "Don't Stop" (Mercury Records 983 412-1) rounds out the nineties collection and comes with four bonus tracks - "Tilting At The Mill" (flipside of "When You Walk In The Room" singles), "Mortified" (flipside of "Fun Fun Fun" singles), "Temporary Friend" (flipside of "Don't Stop" singles) and "I'll Never Get Over You" (flipside of "All Around My Hat" singles).

Another controversial offering, "Famous In The Last Century (Mercury Records 983 393-5), completes the current swag. It includes four bonus tracks in "Fighting With The Pack" (from the soundtrack for the German TV series "Benzin im Blut") and three live cuts from 2005 in the shape of "Gerdundula", "Forty-Five Hundred Times" and "Rain".

This latest set of remasters is a disappointing bunch for the collectors as it includes not a single track that has not already been seen elsewhere, but they do have much improved sound via the remastering and come with nicely put-together booklets.

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