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That was the Quo month that was ... February 1999

6th - '4 Bills And A Ben' at Woodbridge School, Woodford Green

The following review was penned by Kevin Sullivan.

Bottom line is simple. It was a corker. Best time I've had at a 4 Bills for ages. A real good bop, lots of sweat from all and the the band seemed to enjoy it too.

Turned up about 8.30, with my better half (Ange) and another friend who was a 4 Bills virgin (Cat). Was lucky enough to have a chat with Rhino who was happily wandering around chatting with the regulars , Sue, Steff etc.

The regular 4 Bills contingent were present (20 or so that I recognised) and the rest of the crowd were as expected given that this was a 'Parents Teachers Association' fund raiser - parents and the kids of the school.

Can't say too much about the suppport band 'cos I was in the bar chatting to folk. But.. from what I heard, it was another young school band belting out some old rock standards and very nicely too. The keyboard player appeared to make an impression on some around me.

Not a large crowd for the bills. And I fail to understand why this is..... Get a PR man in Rhino !! But it's down to the PTA and not the band.

But Bills and Warman turned them on nonetheless and with lots of dry ice on the stage adding to the atmosphere, within a few tracks the relatively spacious hall started to move and groove but not without some coaxing from the band. Two lads at the front insisted on chanting QUOOOOOOOOOo between tracks which was a mild pain in the arse but was suitably ignored by the band. At least these two were having a good time.....

End result was that Ange and I had a fantastic time, a great evening's dancing and bopping the night away to a tight, solid sound. Jeff continues to throw in some great drum breaks and holds them together, the sax is superb, Rhino is all over the bass, Steve Bird kicks out some great solos (CRANK THEM UP STEVE) and some great keyboards..and..well.. what can I say. The quality of the musicians is well known. The set was the usual R+B/Soul from the 50's 60's and it rocked.

ONE COMPLAINT - I lost a fiver to Catrina thanks to Mr Warman. I promised Catrina and bet on the fact that she would see a topless Warman. But no... for the first time I've ever seen, he kept it all on. Catrina was so looking forward to that six pack...Thanks a lot Johnny!

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