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That was the Quo month that was ... February 2005

2nd - Quo concert at KB Hallen, Copenhagen, Denmark

This first gig in Denmark was attended by a good crowd of about 3000. Photos from the gig can be found here.

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7th - Quo concert at Grieghallen, Bergen, Norway

The Bergen gig sparked Norwegian press interest - the following two articles (in Norwegian) feature a few good photos from this gig. For those that can't understand Norwegian, this review complains of poor sound and rates the show three out of six, whilst this review is very positive and gives it five out of six!

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9th - Quo concert at Konserthuset, Oslo, Norway

A very reserved but appreciative Oslo crowd witnessed a good Quo performance on February 9th. Some excellent photos from the gig can be found here and also here.

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13th - Quo concert at Conventum, Örebro, Sweden

Support act for this gig was Swedish bluesman, Lennart Kåge. Photos from the gig are available here.

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19th - Quo concert at Edinburgh Usher Hall

A review of the Edinburgh show can be found on the Metal UK web site.

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20th - Rick article in the News of the World (UK)

The following article appeared in the 'News of the World' newspaper on Sunday 20th February, entitled "EXCLUSIVE: 'Married' rocker Rick stole my wife" and written by Vanessa Altin.

"ROCK legend Rick Parfitt is cheating on his missus — by bedding the wife of his No. 1 fan. The Status Quo guitarist enjoyed three-in-a-bed romps with blonde Angie Hewitt and her husband Nigel.

Now sex-crazed Angie, 40, has dumped Nige to be with the rocker. This week we caught her and the wrinkly star when they went Down Down to a hotel in Newcastle.

Randy Rick, 56, was overheard telling friends: "Angie is more beautiful than I could ever imagine. I love her."

The rocker, who bedded hundreds of groupies during the band's heyday, vowed never to cheat on missus Patti again when she took him back three years ago after their divorce.

Rick met Angie seven years ago following a gig at Birmingham's NEC — just one day after she had tied the knot with Nigel in a Quo-themed wedding ceremony.

Nigel is one of a group of hardcore Quo fans known as the Loyal Family who are often invited backstage. The 46-year-old electrician recalled: "Angie looked stunning. She was wearing a long white clingy dress with no bra or knickers. "Rick told her, ‘Me and you are going to get together one day.' Then he pulled her onto his lap and snogged her on the lips. I was flattered that my idol fancied my wife."

The flirting began to spiral out of control in December 2003. Nigel, whose King's Lynn home is a shrine to the band, said: "We were staying in the same hotel as them after a concert in Harrogate. I could see Rick admiring Angie.

"She looked more beautiful than ever in a see-through black lace dress. Suddenly Rick asked her, ‘What colour knickers have you got on?' Angie said they were black.

"He pulled a disappointed face and said, ‘Go and put some white ones on for me.' She went straight to our room to do as he asked.

"Rick asked if I'd mind if he ‘got it on' with my wife. I told him I wouldn't mind and said Angie would love it. I only made one proviso - that she came back to me and I knew about everything that had happened."

Nigel went to bed alone, but two hours later he got a call from his wife asking him to join their sex session. He said: "I raced up to Rick's room. He was lying on the bed in the nuddy and Angie was getting a drink from the mini-bar in the nuddy too. Rick said, ‘Come on, get your clothes off.'

"It was surreal. I was in bed naked with my wife and my idol. I was terrified I wouldn't be able to get aroused due to stage fright.

"Angie lay on the bed between us and I watched Rick make love to her as I fondled her boobs. Soon I was aroused and took over from Rick. I could see he enjoyed watching me making love to her while she was pleasuring him. I was kissing her face and caressing her — it was an incredible night.

"Then Rick asked if he could have half-an-hour alone with Angie. I realised that was my cue to leave. Angie didn't come back till about six. We were both on a high and talked about the threesome. I wasn't jealous.

"A few hours later the phone went and it was Rick asking Angie to go back to his room. That time I didn't get a call to join them."

Quo were in Harrogate for three days — enough time for a second threesome. Nigel, known to the band as Nobby, said: "Rick's completely straight and so am I, so there was no funny business between us. We simply both enjoyed having sex with my wife and watching each other have sex with her.

"Rick phoned down for Angie every morning of the three days in Harrogate. She loved the attention and I was flattered I had something Rick wanted."

It wasn't until March last year, when the trio met up again at a hotel in Dublin, that Nigel began to realise he was losing his wife. He said: "Angie was paying me less attention. If I was making love to her she'd be kissing and pleasuring him. But when he was making love to her I struggled to get a kiss. I felt left out."

Over the next six months Angie met Rick alone for nights of passion. Then after another threesome in Harrogate last December, the marriage blew apart. Nigel said: "I left Angie with Rick when he prompted me to. After a few hours I started phoning and texting her. She didn't answer and when she came back we had a furious row. My jealousy had got the better of me."

"She was falling in love with him and that wasn't the deal. The rows continued when we got home and our sex life petered out."

On Christmas Day Angie dropped the bombshell that she was leaving Nigel for Rick. This week we watched as she cosied up to the star at the plush Malmaison Hotel. On Wednesday they went drinking with two other women and when Angie visited the ladies, Rick told them: "She's married but she's left her husband. I've never met anyone like her before. She's amazing."

When Angie returned, the conversation turned saucy with Rick describing how Angie had pleasured him in their seventh floor suite.

Nigel has now flown to Glasgow — where Quo play tonight — to confront Angie. He revealed: "She told me she'd enjoyed the group sex but realised she no longer loved me.

"I'm devastated but I don't regret a minute of what we did and I don't blame Rick."

Ten minutes after the News of the World tried to approach Rick yesterday, Angie was bustled into a car headed for King's Lynn.

Additional reporting: GEORGINA DICKINSON"

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26th - launch of SoundTV (UK)

A new digital TV channel, SoundTV, was launched in the UK on February 26th. The press release relating to the launch follows and it seems that Quo will be well represented on this new channel. A programme called 'A Day In The Life Of Status Quo' will be screened on this new channel on Friday March 4th, Sunday March 6th and Thursday 10th March. In addition, the channel are running a competition to win the chance to meet Status Quo backstage at show on the XS All Areas tour 2005, with overnight accommodation for two.

"Brand new digital channel 'SoundTV' launches on Saturday 26th February at 7pm with a star studded line-up. Digital satellite channel, SoundTV launches at 7pm on Feb 26th with top TV presenter Chris Tarrant. Programmes on launch weekend will include appearances from Status Quo, Rolling Stone - Bill Wyman and comedians Jethro, Phil Cool and Brian Conley, along with a one hour comedy special with Robin Williams. SoundTV will also feature a host of fresh British talent making their television debut on flagship entertainment programme 'The New Variety Show'. The blend of new and experienced entertainers is the vital ingredient that is the boast of the channel.

SoundTV is the brainchild of BAFTA-nominated entertainer Richard Digance and radio presenter Mike Osman. They have been joined by one of Britain's top comedians Jethro and its team of executives include Chris Tarrant and Britain's top handyman, Tommy Walsh.

The aim of SoundTV is to supply solid variety and entertainment. Said the channel's Managing Director, Richard Digance, "The channel has been two years in the making but I think with the public's tiredness of reality television, we couldn't be hitting the screens at a better time. We firmly believe there is room for both established names and new talent that have had little or no chance to break on to British TV in the last five years."

SoundTV also aims to reverse the trend for the industry to dictate what the viewing public are going to watch. Jethro invites all to become a part of SoundTV saying, "Tell us what you want to see and we'll make the programmes. You're the Producer!"

Performers of all kinds are encouraged to contact SoundTV for the opportunity to make their UK television debut on the channel's flagship entertainment programme, 'The New Variety Show'.

This free-to-air channel can be received by 8 million homes in the UK by anyone with a Sky Digital subscription. SoundTV will initially broadcast from 4pm - midnight, seven days a week, sharing with Information TV on channel 588, with a view to moving channel and becoming a 24 hour operation later this year. "

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27th - Patty article in The People (UK)

The following article, titled "Quo Star's Wife Slits Her Wrists", appeared in the UK's People newspaper on Sunday 27th February, written by James Desborough.

"THE distraught wife of love cheat Status Quo star Rick Parfitt tried to commit suicide yesterday morning, The People can reveal.

Blonde Patty, 52, slashed her wrists with a razor blade following a drunken row with the veteran rocker in their plush London hotel suite.

And weeping Rick, 56, begged paramedics who dashed to her side after he'd dialled 999: "Please, you've got to save her."

A friend of the couple said last night: "Patty just wanted to end it all. She felt taking her life was the only option."

The couple had booked into the Oriental Mandarin Hotel, in Knightsbridge - where suites cost £1,200 a night - in a bid to patch up their relationship.

Patty had been furious after long-haired Rick admitted cheating on her during three-in-a-bed romps with busty blonde Angie Hewitt, 40 and her husband Nigel, 46.

But the couple drank heavily during their reconciliation evening.

And other guests at the hotel were woken at 5am after a loud bitter row broke out between them.

Last night Patty was recovering at the couple's £1 million mansion in Middlesex after being discharged from hospital.

The pal said: "Rick is determined to nurse her through these troubles and rebuild his relationship."

Patty first met Rick when she was just 18 and they have had a turbulent relationship since marrying in 1989. After seven years together, he left her and went back to first wife Marietta, despite Patty sticking by him through his cocaine and drink addictions.

Following their divorce, Patty wrote a book revealing how he was poor in bed and liked dressing up in women's clothes.

She also stopped him from seeing their son Harry.

They were reunited in 2000, with Parfitt declaring: "I know she's the right woman for me."

But Patty's blissful reunion was ripped apart last week after Rick bedded devoted fan Angie at a Yorkshire hotel before inviting her hubby Nigel to join in.

Status Quo's manager Simon Porter last night said: "There was an incident which occurred at the end of a very long and alcohol- fuelled evening. This was more a cry for attention than anything else. After a short visit to hospital Patty was fine."

A police spokesman confirmed they were called to the hotel at 6.40am after reports that a woman was "suffering injuries".

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