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That was the Quo month that was ... February 2004

20th - Private Quo concert in Berlin

While Quo were in Berlin to perform a private gig on the 20th, some of the entourage went to see famed UK act, The Darkness, at the Columbiafritz in Berlin on the 19th. Rick was there and also spotted from the crew were Pat Marks, Dave Salt and Toot.

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22nd - Quo on The Ultimate Pop Star (Channel 4)

'The Ultimate Pop Star', introduced by Paul Whitehouse and Harry Enfield, aired on Channel 4 on 22nd February. It featured a definitive list of the 50 biggest selling singles artists in the UK. Quo came in at number 20 (with 6,727,822 singles sold in the UK) and a witty interview snippet and clip of "Caroline" was their contribution.

Revisit the February 2004 event list