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That was the Quo month that was ... December 1999

7th - Quo at Night of the Proms, Rotterdam Ahoy

The following review comes courtesy of Thierry Simon.

Last night was the last of the 17 Nights of the Proms here in Belgium. And Quo's part of the show went wild with an amazing finale! The band was really relaxed (what a difference to the first night !), especially Rick.

It all started with "Whatever You Want", when a few members of the orchestra came on stage to play their instruments next to Rick and Francis. After that, with "Twenty Wild Horses", it was a whole part of the orchestra that was on stage rockin' with Quo.

Then Rick started to play the beginning of... "Roll Over Lay Down", much to the surprise of Francis. Rick really seemed to have lots of fun !

Finally came "Rockin' All Over The World". Rick went to get the nicest blond girl of the orchestra to make her sing with him, while Emilia, Zucchero and almost half of the orchestra came on stage. Zucchero and Francis were rocking together, while Rick was rockin' with the girls of the chorus.

The finale was lovely: Rick-Zucchero-Francis and a dozen violonists together in a row, "rockin'" their guitars or violins together till the end of "ROATW". Absolutely great.

When the band came back for the final song "Hey Jude", Rick was the mother of the Simpsons (!), his face hidden by a mask, while John Miles (disguised as a woman) was dancing with Rhino. The crowd of 18.000, a big part of which is - here in Antwerpen - under 18 years old, was really enthusiastic once again about the Quo's performance.

The British radio DJs who say that Quo are too old to interest a young audience have to be brought here in the middle of the crowd to see how much they're wrong !

Yesterday was a very special show, maybe because it was the last one here in Antwerpen. What I wish for all the fans is that the next shows are as funny !

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10th - Quo at Night of the Proms, München Olympiahalle

The following review comes from Bruno Meier.

I saw Quo in Munich - and they were fantastic as always. When they entered the stage and the first riffs of "Whatever You Want" came out of the speakers, the atmosphere in the Olympiahalle increased by 500% within 5 seconds. Many people stood up, clapped and shouted..... This was quite astonishing, because there were many people with suits and I did not see anybody wearing a jean jacket. The applause after "Whatever You Want" was so loud that an old man next to me stuck his fingers into his ears. During "In The Army Now" I saw two guys leaving the hall (maybe it was too loud for them or they were Zucchero fans and could not bear that Quo were better)...

At the end Francis and Rick sang a verse of "Hey Jude", and they did it very well. Emilia, on the contrary, was not able to sing her verse very well, this was quite awful (but she looks good).

The show (or at least parts of it) will be on German tv (station tm3) on the 24th of December.

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undated - Quo in Viva Best Albums of the Century (German music TV)

The German music TV channel Viva ran a series on teletext about the best albums of this century. At No. 35 were Quo with "Rockin' All Over The World".

The review read (in translation) as follows:

They are responsible for more chart top-hits than the Stones or the Beatles, they are the kings of boogie-rock. Having started in the early Sixties as a school band, Rossi and co. kept storming the charts of the Seventies with their straightforward and quite heavy rockin' party music.

The punk wave turned into a flood but Status Quo stuck to their rumpty-tumpty sound and produced a world-wide hit album in the year of '77 which made sure of their status as icons of rock 'n' roll forever. Showing signs of growing tired? - No way!!

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