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That was the Quo month that was ... December 2020

22nd - Quo Christmas message released

The band took the unusual step of releasing a Christmas message on 22nd December. The three-minute message on YouTube included contributions from all band members, starting with Richie and wrapping up with a very brief message from Francis.

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26th - Rhino interview on Calon FM

Rhino was interviewed by Andy Snowden on Wrexham's Calon FM radio station with the interview being broadcast on 26th December and uploaded to YouTube on 31st December. Andy had previously interviewed Francis, Andy and Richie (three times!) on this show so, with the addition of this latest interview with Rhino, he only needs Leon to complete the current Quo line-up!

Andy is a big Quo fan and this always helps his interviews flow well. Rhino didn't need much prompting to talk at length on a variety of topics and the interview ended up running to over 100 minutes! Rhino pulled no punches in answering Andy's questions so the interview contains some potentially controversial commentary on subjects such as the Frantic Four reunion shows and his relationship with Rick.

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