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That was the Quo month that was ... August 1998

21st - Quo on Finnish MTV 3

Quo appeared on the Finnish TV channel MTV 3, with three songs from the recent festival (18/07/98). They showed performances of "In The Army Now", "Don't Waste My Time" and "Rockin' All Over The World". Other performers shown from the festival were Boney M and Tommi Lšntinen (finnish popstar).

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22nd - Quo concert at Ta'Qali Festival, Malta

The following review of Quo's first gig on the island of Malta was written by Karsten Bundgaard from Denmark.

Just returned from a nice holiday on Malta. The concert was held in a very dusty field and a heavy wind blowing against Quo and the 'white wall', so you can understand that Quo did not have it easy - but as always they delivered a perfect performance ('98 set starting with 'Whatever You Want' etc.). I think that the audience were under 4000 and I discovered only six wearing Quo-shirts including myself. The audience were generally careful and they enjoyed the concert. Under these circumstances it's easy to have contact with the band and I got some nice shots for my album. But of course there is nearly always someone who thinks it's smart to throw cans etc. Two went on to the stage. Later we were told that Quo made a show on Maltese TV, which we unfortunately didn't see. As usual, we enjoyed Quo and our special greetings to the Dutch couple from the 'Army' and we hope that you had a safe return to Holland.

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undated - Quo listed in Q magazine's "100 Richest Rock Stars in the UK"

The August edition of Q magazine had a listing of the 100 richest Rock Stars in the UK and what they spent it on. Francis Rossi and Rick Parfitt come in at number 86 with 3 million (UK Pounds) EACH. Q have the following to say:

"You've spent a fortune and blown all your money" their bank manager informed Status Quo's core members Francis and Rick. With little US success to match their European popularity, Quo's riches were always restricted and tax exile benefits (Rossi to Ireland and Parfitt to Jersey) were eroded by shocking excess.

To start with, the pair sniffed half of Columbia (1000 pounds an ounce at mid 70's prices) topped up with speed and downers, drank like fishes (Rossi cut back to one bottle of scotch and two of wine a day). Rossi had his own private estate in Purley with a 24 track studio, soundproofed with four and a half tons of lead. Parfitt owned a "fantastic pad" in Hydon Ridge, with a speedboat and a small plane but sold them to buy more cars (six porsches over the years, American classics like a Studebaker Hawk and Corvette Stingray), plus jukeboxes, pinball machines and a billiard room. Slowed down by a triple bypass heart surgery and divorce settlements, Parfitt now lives in Kennington. Quo top up the coffers with periodic tours and doubtless send their bank managers a Christmas card every year.

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