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That was the Quo month that was ... August 1996

1st - Francis Rossi interviewed on Caron Keating's "After 5"

Caron Keating interviewed Francis Rossi on her ITV (London) "After 5" show on August 1st. The show, presented live from ITV's Thames-side studios, featured a 4-minute interview in which Francis talked about his contentment with family life, his advice to his sons and others in the music business and the background to his new solo project with Virgin Records. The show played out with the promo video for "Give Myself To Love".

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25th - Fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld cites "In The Army Now" as inspiration

The Sunday Times "Style" supplement on August 25th revealed that "Karl Lagerfeld has admitted that Chanel's new military-look collection was inspired by the 1986 Status Quo hit, In The Army Now. Could Quo be the secret leaders of fashion?" The article typically treats Quo as simpletons ("the bedenimed Brit boogiemeisters") but at least charts their career accurately. It says "..what the reference really proves is Lagerfeld's irrefutable cool. A lot of people listen to Status Quo. We know this because their concerts sell out and their records have charted consistently for more than a quarter of a century. But nobody actually admits to liking them in public. Karl can, because he is so hip he can afford to look naff."

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