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That was the Quo month that was ... August 2022

2nd - Francis Rossi interview on Classic Album Review

Francis Rossi was interviewed for the Classic Album Review YouTube channel and the video was published on 2nd August. The interview covered a lot of ground and there were some unusually insightful questions posed by the host, Barry Robinson. (John Coghlan appeared on the same show in June 2022.)

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10th - Quo concert at Rock Oz'Arènes, Avenches, Switzerland

Quo played in the beautiful city of Avenches in Switzerland on 10th August. The packed crowd gave Quo an amazing reception and some official footage appeared on the Quo Facebook page, in the shape of Hold You Back and the band thanking the crowd.

Some professional footage of the gig, focussing on the experience of fans in the audience, can be found here.

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10th - John Coghlan interviewed on The Classic Rock podcast

John Coghlan was interviewed by Tim Caple on The Classic Rock podcast on 10th August.

The interview kicked off with Jackie Lynton's famous introduction to the "Live!" album, followed by "Juniors Wailing". Tim started off the chat with Jon by focusing on the early days and how he met Francis while rehearsing. Tim played "I Who Have Nothing" and they then talked about the Butlins summer season and meeting Rick there. The decision to move "Pictures of Matchstick Men" from the B- to A-side was discussed, as well as why Quo didn't break the US despite this single being a decent hit there. John suggested that Quo should have moved to the US for maybe six months to really make a name there. John said it was a "great move" away from "flower power" when Bob Young came in. As usual, John talked about the 1973 Australian tour with Slade.

John mentioned the "incredible" workload through the seventies with an album a year plus all the touring and, by 1982, "I'd had enough of it". Looking back to "Piledriver", John said the move to Vertigo was "very much the right thing to do". The interview played out with ""Caroline".

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10th - John Coghlan interview on Plastic EP Live TV (YouTube)

John Coghlan was interviewed by Plastic EP (the host with a very strong Australian accent!) and Sabine Brignell (in the UK) on the Plastic EP Live TV YouTube channel on 10th August. It was a very entertaining 75 minutes and John was in fine form. The interview felt like it was about to finish several times, but it just kept on going as John told more and more stories!

The interview started by talking about the first appearance on "Top Of The Pops" and John told the story about first meeting Francis and Alan. The FTMO convention came next before John hinted at his plans after JCQ's "final" tour, including a jazz project so he can "get the brushes out".

The host enthused about how much how Aussies love Quo and John spoke fondly about Quo's first Australian tour in 1973 with Slade, saying that "Australia was great to play". Turning to the song "Living On An Island", John assured the hosts that it was written by Rick when he lived on Jersey and by not John when he lived on the Isle of Man!

Details about JCQ came next as well as John's stories about recording with them over lockdown. The host made a serious gaff in asking about John's experience of playing, but John took it well and simply talked about missing Rick and Alan, saying "thank god we did the reunion tours". He talked about the "Hello Quo!" documentary and his love of the luxury tour buses used on the reunion tours. He also mentioned that he and Gillie will probably visit Australia in January 2023 to visit Dayle Lancaster and other friends. The host reminded John about the infamous Coles "Down Down" ad campaign in this part of the world!

John, at the request of the hosts, went on to talk about meeting many of the world's best and most famous drummers, including Ringo Starr, Buddy Rich (his hero), Charlie Watts, Keith Moon and John Bonham (saying he thought "the drums made Zeppelin"). Surprisingly, he said that he's never really practised much and never plays at home.

When the hosts suggested John write a book, he mentioned his previous effort with Steve Myatt, saying the experience was "bloody awful" and the most difficult thing he'd done in his life, so don't expect a sequel! Perhaps oddly, the interview concluded with the origin story of the name Status Quo! This was a really entertaining, free-flowing interview and John was certainly up for it, telling plenty of rock 'n' roll stories and cracking jokes.

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28th - John Coghlan interview on Foxy Radio

John Coghlan was interviewed by Peter Fox on Deal Radio on 28th August. The interview consisted of questions and answers plus many of John's favourite songs - with a few surprises in there!

The interview kicked off by talking about John's childhood and schooldays and how we was musically influenced by big band music (with his Dad being into jazz). John's first song selection was "Over My Shoulder" by Mike & The Mechanics.

Moving onto adulthood, John mentioned being an early collector of 78s and how his first job after leaving (or being kicked out of!) school as a mechanic "didn't last long". His drumming was inspired by watching the big bands, then he joined the Air Cadets and started a band, mainly playing instrumentals. Alan and Francis used to rehearse nearby and used to come to watch John and his ATC band, before John agreed to join them in what became The Spectres. John's next song selection was "The Rise & Fall of Flingel Bunt" by The Shadows.

John mentioned again that he's left-handed, but has always played drums right-handed, similarly to John Bonham and Ringo. His next song choice was "The Voice" by John Farnham.

John talked about Jess Jaworski and Roy Lynes as early keyboard players and the various singles as The Spectres, leading naturally into his next song choice, their version of "I Who Have Nothing".

The release of "Pictures of Matchstick Men" was discussed next and then, of course, the song was played.

Peter asked John where his nickname of "Spud" came from and John said the band were shopping on Wardour St one day when Rick said John's trousers looked like a sack of potatoes and the nickname just stuck from then. John's next song selection was ELO's "Mr Blue Sky".

Early gigs such as the NME Poll Winners show and support slots with The Kinks at Eltham Baths & David Bowie at The Greyhound, Croydon were fondly recalled before John's next choice, in the shape of "All Day and All of the Night" by The Kinks.

John's dislike of digital formats resulted in his saying bands have "got a cheek to call yourselves a band" if they rely on too much digital input! His next song selection was "I Can't Let Go" by The Hollies.

Surprisingly, John described touring all around the world with Quo in glowing terms, saying "we got paid to see the world". His next song choice was more surprising, in the shape of "Would I Lie To You" by Charles and Eddie.

John mentioned his love of Holland and the "Live!" album, as well as the Frantic Four reunion tours. He said "you can't beat a good Quo fan" before his next song choice, "Constant Craving" by KD Lang.

The usual stat about Quo having more Top Of The Pops appearances than any other band came up next, with John saying that he particularly enjoyed the BBC bar before going on! He described Bob Young as more like a fifth member of the band, saying "he's 100%". A couple of song choices came next, "Down Down" followed by Womak & Womak with "Teardrops".

On his departure from the band, John said it all got too much and they should have all taken a break. After eaving Quo, he didn't play drums for a year but then formed The Diesel Band. Another surprisingly mellow song choice followed, Enya's "Orinoco Flow"!

John talked about his love of military vehicles and being part of the Military Vehicle Trust, although he only has one vehicle left. His next song choice was "Give Peace A Chance" by John Lennon & The Plastic Ono Band.

John revealed that Jackie Lynton came up with the name for the The Diesel Band and that, while his last few gigs with JCQ are coming up, he's certainly not retiring. JCQ's "Lockdown" was played next.

Gillie then joined the interview, saying that she met John in the bar backstage at Hammersmitth Odeon and that she prefers heavier rock than John! She chose Carole King's "Will You Love Me Tomorrow" as her favourite song. The final track to close out the interview was JCQ's "No Return".

The full show can be heard here, with John's interview starting at 17mins 50secs into the show.

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