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That was the Quo month that was ... August 2019

4th - Bernie Frost passed away

The following post was made on behalf of the official Quo fan club, FTMO, by Jason Hodgson on 4th August to break the news of the passing of long-time Quo songwriting partner, Bernie Frost.

"All at FTMO are very saddened to hear the news that Bernie Frost passed away on Sunday evening following a battle with lymphoma cancer. Bernie first met Status Quo at a gig at the Greyhound in Croydon on New Year's Eve 1971. His co-composition with Alan Lancaster, "A Year", the first of many Quo collaborations, appeared on the "Piledriver" album a year later.

A solo deal with Vertigo soon followed with Bernie's debut single, "Foreign Lady", being issued in 1973, albeit credited to "Boz" Frost. "It wasn't a nickname", he told FTMO in 2014, "Vertigo just wanted something different to Bernie. I had no say in it at all".

With his actual name reinstated, 1974 follow-up single "The House" was produced by Francis Rossi and is now generally regarded as a hugely rare and essential part of Status Quo's discography. "That's me and Quo. It was me and Francis on guitar, Spud (John Coghlan) on drums. There's a photo of me and Rick (Parfitt) in IBC studios, playing together right next to each other in separate booths. Andy Pyle (ex-Kinks, Gary Moore) was on bass. A full album was recorded, yeah. It was basically Quo without Nuff (Lancaster), and with John Sinclair who used to be the keyboard player in Uriah Heep. It never came out, I think there was a bit of politics there".

Bernie went on to co-write with Francis Rossi several of Status Quo's biggest hits of the 1980s including "What You're Proposing" (UK #2), "Lies" (UK #11), "Rock 'N' Roll" (UK #8) and "Marguerita Time" (UK #3), before accompanying Rossi and Parfitt to the recording of the Band Aid single "Do They Know It's Christmas?" where he can be seen in the "Making Of" video.

During Quo's hiatus in 1985 Bernie and Francis collaborated as a duo on another unreleased album, "Flying Debris" ("We had another title for that. We were gonna call it "Far And Wide". Why? It was to do with our appendages!"), though two singles, "Modern Romance (I Want To Fall In Love Again)" and a re-recording of Status Quo's "Jealousy" were both released with the former troubling the lower reaches of the UK charts.

Bernie continued to collaborate with Quo as Rossi's predominant songwriting partner all the way up to 1999's "Under The Influence" long player, and provided backing vocals on numerous recordings.

Bernie Frost's songs have been recorded by artists as diverse as Graham Bonnet, Demis Roussos, Slade, Klaus Wunderlich and Dexys Midnight Runners.

FTMO sends its condolences and best wishes to Bernie's family and friends."

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9th - "Liberty Lane" digital single released

The next single release from the "Backbone" album took place on 9th August with a digital-only release of "Liberty Lane", as showcased during Quo's more recent live shows. The single made BBC Radio 2's "Record of the Week" (B-list) for the week beginning 10th August too, providing very valuable airplay and promotion for the new album, and was later upgraded to the A-list!

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14th - Publication of Quo talking about "Backbone" album on YouTube

Quo released a six-minute video of interviews talking about the new "Backbone" album on YouTube on 14th August.

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25th - Quo appearance on The Sara Cox Show (ITV, UK)

Quo made a promo appearance on The Sara Cox Show on 25th August. They kicked off with a performance of "Liberty Lane" before Francis joined Sara's guest panel alongside actor and DJ Craig Charles, bestselling crime-writer Stuart MacBride and author Melanie Blake. Each guest gave a book recommendation and Francis talked about "Sapiens" (by Yuval Noah Harari), a pretty highbrow choice! The band closed the show with a performance of, what else, "Rockin' All Over The World"!

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27th - Interview with Richie and Francis published by Rock Antenne (Germany)

Richie and Francis were interviewed by Rock Antenne in Germany and the 25-minute interview was published on YouTube on 27th August.

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28th - Interview with Richie and Francis published by Rock Bottom (Germany)

Richie and Francis were interviewed in Hamburg on 27th August by Jörge Reiche from Rock Bottom and the 25-minute interview was published on YouTube on 28th August.

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undated - More John Eden videos from "Rockin' All Over The World" remixing published

John Eden continued to post more videos of his work during the "Rockin' All Over The World" album remixing on YouTube during the month of August. Check out all the latest clips on his YouTube channel.

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