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That was the Quo month that was ... August 2012

21st - Australian 2013 tour dates announced

A short tour of Australia in 2013 was announced via the official website on 21st August. The press release follows.

Having made a welcome return to homes and supermarket aisles across Australia with the big red hand and their re-recording of their classic "Down Down" for Coles, Chugg Entertainment and Coles are thrilled to confirm that Quo will be returning to Australia for a four date national tour in March/April 2013.

Quo's 2 x CD album 'Quid Pro Quo' will be released exclusively through Coles in Australia in time for the tour. The album will also include the re-recorded version of "Down Down".

Tickets for all shows on sale Friday 31st Aug, 12 noon (EST).

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21st - Francis interview on Gold 104.3 (Melbourne, Australia)

Francis gave a live phone interview on Australian radio on 21st August, broadcast in Melbourne on Gold 104.3. Presenters Brig and Lehmo led Francis to discuss the Australian 2013 tour as well as more usual topics such as the band's longevity, recent albums and potential for a reunion of the original line-up. Francis sounded cheerful and was in good form. He also seemed genuinely excited about coming back to Australia!

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22nd - Quo concert at Clickimin Hall, Shetland Isles, Scotland

Quo played to a packed house at the Clickimin Hall on the Shetland Isles on 22nd August. Despite the hefty 75 pounds ticket price, the show was a sell-out and was very well-received, according to the following review (by Davie Gardner) in the local Shetland News.

"You have to wonder if, back in late 1967, when Francis Rossi and Rick Parfitt elected to name their band Status Quo they already had a premonition - or plan - that this was one outfit who would NOT be open to embracing radical musical change - however long they lasted.

To maintain the ‘status quo’, of course, literally means to “keep things the way they presently are” – and that’s more or less exactly what the lads have done over the intervening 45 years!!!!

Over that incredible length of time many musical fads and fashions have come and gone, but the mighty Quo have doggedly stuck to their ‘back to basics’, tried and tested, rock n’ boogie ritual.

It’s an approach that’s seen them ridiculed and revered in almost equal proportions over the years, but let’s face it, it’s one that’s served them VERY well indeed.

So after all the speculation as to whether or not it would actually happen, it was eventually ‘hats off’ and congratulations to promoter Malcolm Younger and his Callum Younger Reach Fund for having the financial bravery (dare I say audacity?) to risk taking such a large and costly gig to a small place like Shetland in the first instance.

Sure, some might have baulked at the £75 per head ticket price, but most certainly not the 1200+ hardcore fans who eagerly responded to Malcolm’s (and his sponsors’) leap of faith who packed into the Clickimin Centre ready to expend bucket-loads of energy and sweat in honour of a very personal visit from their hard rocking heroes.

First up it fell to Shetland’s very own No Sweat (perhaps not a name to aptly describe this particular gig) to warm up the already near capacity audience – if indeed they needed warming up at all.

It’s always incredibly refreshing to see a local band have the confidence to deliver a full set of their own original material – and No Sweat do this on pretty much every occasion.

No need to hide behind crowd pleasing covers here. Tongue-in-cheek songs such as Blue Whiting, Party Animal and On the Piss have, in themselves, become recognisable standards in their own right over the years.

As always No Sweat quite simply delivered everything required of them in their own terrific and inimitable fashion. No sweat to them indeed!!!

And so the big moment arrived and the main hall lights dimmed. One thing Status Quo don’t do is subtlety. Literally exploding onto the Clickimin stage to a huge welcoming crowd roar they immediately burst into a trio of crowd pleasing classics Caroline, Something ‘Bout You Baby I Like and Rain. It was a sure-fire way of immediately winning over their Shetland audience – as if they had to be won over anyway!!!

This led the way for an 80 minute full-on, text-book, aural assault. “Hope you’re going to enjoy yourselves tonight,” coaxed Francis Rossi. “If it’s too loud, it’s too loud - sorry!!!!”

Their set was of course largely a greatest hits parade. What You’re Proposing, Whatever You Want, Roll Over Lay Down, In the Army and Down the Dustpipe got their regular airings, alongside some newer, and perhaps for many in the audience, less familiar material.

If their more recent material possibly acted as a “semi-subduer” for the audience, then the closing salvo’s of Down Down and the classic Rocking All Over the World acted as the tipping point for the return of mass mayhem.

Then, just as things were kicking off again, and to the surprise of many, with a brief wave to the audience they were gone – returning only for a short encore of Chuck Berry’s classic Rock ‘n’ Roll Music and the inevitable crowd-involving sing-a-long to accompany Bye Bye Johnny - another Berry/Quo classic.

Eighty minutes appeared to be too short a set for some – perhaps based on the expectation that a long established band like the Quo might be expected to play for longer, but that’s about the only complaint anyone could feasibly have on the night.

To be honest there wasn’t much missing popularity or effort wise that’s for sure. Given the medleys of greatest hits they delivered during the set it perhaps could even be argued they actually packed an otherwise two hour show into an hour and 20 minutes.

Anyway, my guess is you won’t hear too many moans – except from a few painful heads in the morning.

Ridicule them if you will you “three chords” musical accusers, you have to accept the fact that these guys still know how to pack a real punch and deliver a high energy, back to basics, rock ‘n’ roll show – even if the years (and God knows what else, given their past reputations) have clearly taken a bit of a toll on their voices.

Granted, again given their advancing years, some might expect their backstage ‘rider’ to include a selection of oxygen bottles and masks, but on Wednesday night’s evidence there’s still a lot of mileage and indeed capacity in these hard rocking lungs to be expended yet.

Ultimately the Quo delivered to their Shetland audience what they’ve successfully delivered every gig for the past 45 years (and counting) – a night of “heads down, no nonsense, mindless boogie” - and of course no-one would have expected anything less of them.

“Age shall not weary them..........”

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24th - Quo concert at Northern Meeting Park, Inverness, Scotland

Quo headed way North on 24th August for an outdoor gig in Inverness. Sadly, the weather was not great and fans endured a long wait in the rain for Quo's performance. The usual set was forthcoming but with one notable exception, they kicked off the encore with "Don't Waste My Time", a very popular move!

The following review of the gig, entitled "Status Quo rocks in the rain" and written by Margaret Chrystall, appeared in the Inverness Courier.

"WITH JLS launching Summer In The City on Thursday with one for the ladies and the kids, the grown-ups with the nicely-pressed jeans and big smiles got their treat on Friday when STATUS QUO rocked the Northern Meeting Park crowd in Inverness.

It rained the whole time, as my notebook’s inky splodges testify.

But after an intro with the riff from first-ever Quo hit single Pictures Of Matchstick Men and then big opener Caroline, Francis Rossi raised the gung ho spirit in his loyal Quo fans with a cheeky grin: "You look nice, A bit moist, but nice!"

And it was as if the crowd had gone ‘Yeah, OK it’s raining – but it’s Status Quo – in Inverness!’ and just got on with having a good time.

So it was a hoods-up, clap-the-gloom-away occasion and the whole crowd seemed to have come to party.

The sheer pace of Quo’s 20-song plus encores set helped set the celebration mood.

And from Caroline into Something 'Bout You Baby I Like into Rain, it was setting the pace with classic rock and no frills.

Rain brought Rossi on his signature green guitar rocking it out in time with Rick Parfitt at his side and over on the other side of the stage, John "Rhino" Edwards was doing his legs akimbo stance and already bantering with the crowd in front of him.

There was reassuring news for Rossi as he announced: "We had an album called Quid Pro Quo out last year..."

There was a little cheer.

"That’s good," joked Rossi. "That was 20 know about it!"

Rock N Roll N You followed, the only track from the 2011 album, in a set that trawled back through the band’s 40 years, majoring on the 80s period when they opened global charity event Live Aid and had songs out like In The Army Now.

That one – with its re-release last year to raise funds for Help For Heroes – proved to be the biggest song of the night when it came to crowd singalongs.

But before that there was a medley starting with What You’re Proposing, including Little Lady, Red Sky and Dear John and a taste of the boogie shuffle that is a Status Quo favourite.

You probably wouldn’t want to listen too closely to the lyrics of The Oriental – unless you find Prince Philip jokes funny.

But Creepin’ Up On You – written by Rick Parfitt and Quo writing partner Bob Young – followed, with an authentic-sounding take on the blues.

Parfitt showed off his great voice, there was a heartfelt harmonica solo from keys/guitar/ harmonica man Andy Bown and Francis Rossi’s solo gave a great example of the weird effect a melody can have on him.

The notes bounced around in his body like an electric current, whipping his eyebrows up and down and making his leg twitch like a man trying to shake the music off. And failing.

In The Army Now followed – with a fabulous gold and silver-lit drum solo from Matt Letley – as we got into the back straight of four 70s biggies back to back, Roll Over Lay Down, Down Down, Whatever You Want and Rockin’ All Over The World to bring the set to a rowdy climax.

An arm pointing in the air with a totally Rossi ironic fluttering bye-bye closed the set with all of us knowing they’d be back any second.

And having already served up the best of Quo in that main set, these veterans – showing no weariness, Rossi still kicking up his heels and all of them looking as fresh as, OK, slightly-wrinkly daisies – looked back to their roots to dig out their encores.

The bluesy chugg of Steamhammer cover Junior’s Wailing fired on into Chuck Berry’s Rock n Roll Music and Bye Bye Johnny. Francis Rossi substituted some of the "Bye Bye" singalongs with his own "Jock Is Best!" words as a compliment to the still-firing-on-all-cylinders crowd in front of him.

We’d done each other proud.

Quo’s pedigree may not include the most out-there music and they have never pretended otherwise. They know what they think their public – and generations of loyal fans – wants and do their best to honour that.

As a taxi driver said to me later, JLS arrived on Flybe, Status Quo on a Lear jet.

Rockin’ all over the world for all these years has made them rich, yet they can’t help themselves from giving it all when the spotlight hits."

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24th - Francis and Rick interview on Today Show (Channel 9, Australia)

The popular Channel 9 breakfast TV show, Today, featured an interview between Richard Wilkins and Francis & Rick on 24th August. The interview was recorded on Quo's tour bus and they talked about their longevity, life on the road and, of course, the Australian 2013 tour! Francis and Rick both looked fit and healthy (and the bus looked great too!).

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25th - Quo concert at Singleton Park, Swansea

Quo headed to Wales for a gig at Singleton Park in Swansea on 25th August. They were greeted by lovely Summer weather and banged out the familiar set, still including "Don't Waste My Time" as an encore treat. Some good fan photos of the band in action in Swansea can be found here.

Keen Quo fans could go for a double dose of live Quo, with excellent tribute band State of Quo playing a gig at The Garage in Swansea in the afternoon as well!

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29th - Ticket presales start for Australian 2013 tour

A number of presales for the 2013 tour of Australia kicked off at 2pm on Wednesday 29th August. The Ticketek chain offered Sydney and Brisbane pre-sale tickets, while Ticketmaster offered Melbourne tickets. Promoter Michael Chugg also ran a presale, hooking into the Ticketek and Ticketmaster presales but also offering up Adelaide presale tickets as well. It appears that there were very limited allocations of the best blocks for the Melbourne gig in this presale, while other gigs offered some opportunties to secure the front few rows for those who got in early (especially for the Adelaide show).

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31st - Ticket sales start for Australian 2013 tour

Official ticket sales for the Australian 2013 tour started on 31st August at 12 noon. The Ticketek chain offered Sydney and Brisbane, while Ticketmaster offered Melbourne tickets and Venuetix for Adelaide tickets. The front rows for the Melbourne show in particular seemed to be impossible to secure for the fans.

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