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That was the Quo month that was ... August 2009

8th - Quo concert at Glastonbury Abbey Extravaganza, Glastonbury, Somerset

Quo played again in Glastonbury on August 8th at the Glastonbury Abbey Extravaganza. A large crowd were warmed up by ever-popular Abba tribute band, Bjorn Again, before Quo hit the stage to deliver the now well-established Summer festival set. Photos of the band in action can be found here, here and here.

The following review appeared on the This Is Somerset website, entitled "Quo made me feel 17-years-old" and written by Oliver Hulme.

"Weighed down with folding chairs, blankets tables and hampers packed with champagne and enough food to feed the 5,000, it seemed as if most of Somerset had descended on Glastonbury Abbey grounds for the annual Extravaganza.

And it was a show to remember, not least because, for the first time in weeks, or so it seemed, the sun had shone all day. By eight o'clock the good-humoured crowd was in the mood for a party and, as David Titchener whetted appetites and the sun went down, the show was eagerly awaited.

Status Quo fans young and mostly old clustered around the stage ready for the headliners, but it was the tribute act Bjorn Again that took to the stage first. Abba's popularity has been boosted by the success of Mamma Mia, so everyone knew the words to the tribute acts infuriatingly catchy classics, and while the band looked as much like Abba as the news room on a Friday afternoon, their pastiche was so joyous you got the feeling that the band of faux Swedes (actually Australian) were having as much of a ball as the audience who belted out Voulez Vous and Dancing Queen with gusto. Most of the audience could quite happily have seen the band carry on all night as they barely chipped away at Abba's substantial back catalogue.

Settling in as darkness fell, the Quo, 40 years in the business, are another band with a splendid repertoire to call on, and delivered a storming set of crowd pleasers.

Kicking off with Caroline, the band proved they still have the three-chord boogie in their souls, though Francis Rossi seemed a little out of sorts, and left a lot of the work to his opposite number, Rick Parfitt.

Those clustered at the front found themselves in a traditional rock and roll crush and while Rossi seemed a little nonplussed by the performance, waving frantically at sound engineers in series of incomprehensible commands, it was Parfitt who gave it everything.

Rossi seemed most at home when standing shoulder to shoulder with his oppo, and the pair were remarkably spry given the punishment they've put their bodies through, documented in Parfitt's Living On An Island – a song so dripping with drug references it would never get played on the radio if released today.

Towards the end of a set which included something I haven't seen since the 70s – a rock drum solo – the band stomped into one of their earliest numbers, Down The Dustpipe, and Rossi proved that familiarity isn't everything when he forgot the words to the second verse.

And then Parfitt was silhouetted in spotlights for one of the great classic intros, the guitar line from Down Down. Suddenly Rossi came alive – perhaps it was because it was nearing the end of the show – and as the band bounced through the song, hurtled headlong into Whatever You Want and Rocking All Over The World, like many there I found myself transported back to '78.

Then, I had a beer towel stitched inexpertly to my jeans, smelled of patchouli and spilled Watney's Red Barrel and had big hair, so I stuck my thumbs into my belt loops and shoulder bashed, just for old time's sake.

For a moment there, I was 17 again."

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15th - Quo concert at Open Air Rock and Pop, Herrenwaldstadion, Stadtallendorf, Germany

Quo played to a crowd of about 4500 at the "Open Air Rock and Pop" festival in Stadtallendorf on August 15th. Photos of the band rocking Germany are on offer here and here.

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22nd - Quo concert at Hallenstadion, Zürich, Switzerland

Quo returned to Switzerland on August 22nd for another of their huge shows at Zürich's Hallenstadion. To a packed house of about 12000, support band Vivian got the crowd in a rocking mood before Quo banged out a full set. Photos from this big gig can be found here.

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