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That was the Quo month that was ... August 2008

2nd - Quo concert at Whitehaven Rugby League Stadium, Cumbria

Quo played at the home of Whitehaven Rugby League club on August 2nd. The following pre-gig article appeared in the News And Star on July 31st.

"ROCK band Status Quo will play Whitehaven on Saturday.

The veteran group are topping the bill at a spectacular £300,000 open-air concert at The Recreation Ground, home of Whitehaven RLFC. Up to 10,000 fans are expected at the town’s biggest ever music event, being staged by the Whitehaven Maritime Festival committee to celebrate the 300th anniversary of the Royal Act for Whitehaven Harbour.

Quo’s lead vocalist Francis Rossi said: “I can’t wait to come and do the gig.

“Quite honestly we’re all looking forward to the experience. We’ve played all over the world, in front of hundreds of thousands of people, from Wembley to Moscow, but it’s nothing to do with statistics, venue and size, it’s more about the people and the vibes, that’s what makes it work for us.

“If you go out expecting things to be fantastic and the band to be fantastic you can fall flat on your face. For me it’s all about the vibes from the audience and getting cocooned in it all.

“If we knew the secret of how to make it happen it would happen all the time, but from what we’ve heard about Whitehaven and you Cumbrians we hope we definitely will get the vibes up there and it will be fantastic. We know it’s an important occasion for Whitehaven. We just hope we can live up to it and everybody has a great time.”

Status Quo will be backed by Cumbria’s only ever top 10 chart band It Bites, plus Gobstopper, a glam rock band from Barrow and Weathered Rock, a Copeland band consisting of Sellafield workers."

Supported by Gobstopper, Weathered Rock, Ruffkut and 80s band "It Bites", Quo performed the familiar Summer set to a crowd of over 7000. Photos of the band in action can be found here and here.

The following review, written by Jenny Barwise, appeared in the News And Star after the gig (on August 4th).

"I didn't know what to expect when I walked into the rugby ground at Whitehaven to see veteran rockers Status Quo perform on Saturday. And I didn’t expect to enjoy myself as much as I did. As soon as I walked in, I noticed that there wasn’t a face without a smile in the 7,500-person audience.

There was plenty of room in the venue for you to stand or sit down. It didn’t matter where you stood in the stadium as you could see the 18m giant stage from everywhere.

Status Quo arrived on stage to a hero’s welcome, the crowd thrilled to see their favourite band. They opened the set with Caroline which had the whole crowd joining together with their love for the Quo, singing, clapping and dancing.

It was hard to believe that these guys have been around for 40 years – by watching them jump around you would think they were teenagers. They charge about the stage almost dancing with each other. It’s energetic and infectious.

It was also hard to believe that this band who have recorded 63 British hit singles and played at Live Aid were actually performing at my local rugby club ground.

They just ploughed through hit after hit with the crowd going wild at their golden oldies and never having the chance to get bored.

Hits included Down Down, In The Army Now and Wanderer. But the song that had all hands clapping in the air and all mouths singing was Rockin’ All Over The World.

The word QUO kept flashing up on the backdrop of the stage throughout the performance adding to the already wonderful atmosphere – as if anybody needed reminded who was playing.

Not one person I spoke to said they didn’t enjoy the performance and all were so chuffed that we had this big name playing on our doorstep.

When the concert finished the party headed into town.

I had two faults from the night – one was the bar prices and the other was that it went in far too fast.

The organising committee and everybody who sponsored this event deserves a big pat on the back and hopefully we will get more big names coming to Whitehaven."

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4th - Quo concert at Lokerse Festival, Belgium Lokerse Feesten, Lokeren, Belgium

Quo played at the Lokerse Festival in Belgium on August 4th. After a power failure at the start of "Caroline", the rest of the gig went well and photos of Quo live on stage can be found here, here and here.

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10th - Quo concert at Central Park, Dagenham, London

A weekend of charity concerts was held at Dagenham's Central Park on 9th and 10th August, with Quo headlining the day's events on the 10th. Support acts during the day were Showaddywaddy, Les McKeown's Bay City Rollers and David Essex with inimitable DJ Tony Blackburn acting as the MC. The capacity crowd witnessed the usual Quo set and photos of Quo in action can be found here and here.

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29th - Quo concert at Vilnius, Lithunia

Quo headed into unfamiliar territory with a gig in Lithuania on August 29th. Some excellent photos of the band there can be found here and here.

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29th - Quo clip on "Naughtiest Blunders" (ITV)

ITV aired a selection of their "naughtiest TV outtakes" on August 29th in a new show called "Naughtiest Blunders", introduced by Neil Morrissey. The Quo clip was from an old GMTV interview where Francis got up to do up his flies after Fiona Phillips said that they were half undressed! Other stars caught in the blunders included James Nesbitt, Martin Kemp, the casts of Fat Friends and Bad Girls, Chris Tarrant and glamour model Linda Lusardi.

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29th - Quo article in the Daily Express (UK)

The following (slightly worrying!) article appeared in the UK's Daily Express newspaper on August 29th.

"So is the rockin' all over now for Rossi??

Chuck out those denims and natty white sneakers - Status Quo are finally considering hanging up their guitars.

After a partnership lasting 46 years, frontman Francis Rossi has shockingly addmited he's sick to the back teeth of looking at pictures of himself rocking out with tousled blond sidekick Rick Parfitt and longs to be free of him.

"I just get fed up with seeing me and him together" grumbles the partially-ponytailed axeman, 59. "I was thinking the other night, people say it's longer than a marriage. We've been together longer than we've been with our parents. Or anybody. Phhh. It's time to get out."

But before the Quo fan club hurl themselves, lemming like, off the nearest cliff, there could be a glimmer of hope. "I don't know how to do anything else," sighs Rossi.

Is it time for another Greatest Hits tour then, boys?"

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undated - Techno band Scooter record single with Quo

The official Quo website announced that German techno outfit, Scooter, have recorded a single with Quo. The announcement read "German techno band Scooter have recorded a version of Whatever You Want with Quo. The song is named 'Jump That Rock (Whatever You Want)' and will be released later in the year. Quo and Scooter have recently made a promo video for the track. Scooter have had huge success in Germany since 1998 and their recent album Jumping All Over The World entered the UK Albums Chart at number 1 in May 2008."

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undated - Lloyd Gilbert featured in "Performing Musician" magazine (UK)

Quo's guitar tech, Lloyd Gilbert, was featured in a four-page article in the August 2008 edition of "Performing Musician" magazine.

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