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That was the Quo month that was ... August 2005

2nd - Filming of Quo appearances in Coronation Street (ITV)

Quo's upcoming appearances on ITV's soap 'Coronation Street' began filming on Ausgust 2nd. Their appearance sparked considerable media interest. The following article appeared on the BBC website, titled "Status Quo join Coronation Street".

"Rock group Status Quo have filmed a cameo appearance on Coronation Street in which they will play themselves. Francis Rossi and Rick Parfitt will appear in three episodes of the long-running ITV soap.

The first of the episodes will be screened in September when character Les Battersby comes face to face with his rock idols.

The storyline is being kept secret but producers revealed the band would later play at Les and Cilla's wedding.

Status Quo will be seen drinking in the Rovers Return before going to a gig, when they are spotted by young Chesney, played by Sam Aston.

When Les discovers the band were there but sees a blacked-out people carrier driving away he thinks he has lost his chance to meet the duo.

Parfitt and Rossi will return to the Manchester studios to film the wedding storyline later in the year.

Rossi said: "Both Rick and I are lifelong fans of Coronation Street, so to be in the Rovers filming scenes with the regulars is an ambition fulfilled."

Their part in the show came about through their friendship with Bruce Jones, who plays Les.

"Bruce is a fan of ours and he's been to quite a few gigs. We basically asked him if we could have a cameo part, one thing led to another and here we are, trying to be actors," said Rossi. "

A similar article, titled "Quo to rock Wetherfield", appeared on the Daily Mirror website.

"Rock legends Status Quo dropped in for a drink at the Rovers Return today as they began filming a cameo appearance for Coronation Street.

The veteran group, who are all self-confessed fans of the equally long-running soap, are set to appear in three episodes of the show.

The storyline will see the band pop into the Rover's for a pre-show pint before a Manchester gig, where they eventually come face to face with their biggest fan, Les Battersby.

Corrie bosses are keeping the full storyline under wraps, but have revealed that Quo frontmen Francis Rossi and Rick Parfitt will return to Weatherfield later in the year to film scenes which will see them playing at Les and Cilla's wedding.

The first episode featuring the band is set to be screened on September 23."

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5th - Quo concert at Newmarket Racecourse

Photos from Quo's gig at Newmarket racecourse are available here and here.

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23rd - Rick article in The Sun (UK)

The following article, written by Deputy Showbiz Editor Gordon Smart, appeared on Page 3 (where else!) of The Sun newspaper on August 23rd.

"Status Quo rocker Rick Parfitt has given up booze because he kept forgetting the CHORDS to their songs.

Hellraiser Rick, 56, said his drinking got so bad he also struggled to remember words to classics like Rocking All Over The World.

He said: 'I'd have a beer at midday, then move on to vodka. I was getting on stage and having a drink. I kept forgetting the lines to songs and the chords too. It started to frighten me a bit. I'd stop drinking for a couple of days and start shaking.'

Guitarist Rick and Quo pal Francis Rossi, 56, are infamous for their brand of "three chord Rock n Roll".

Rick has already got over his well publicised cocaine problem - and is now winning his battle with the bottle. He said 'Now I go out and drink water.'

Quo's 33rd album, The Party Ain't Over Yet is out next month."

The article was accompanied by three photographs showing the fingering positions for three chords under the side banner "DON'T FRET MATE... THIS IS WHAT YOU DO."

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27th - Quo concert at Hallenstadion, Zurich, Switzerland

Supported by Paul Camilleri, Quo performed a full set to one of their largest audiences of the year, 13000 in the Hallenstadion in Zurich. Some good photos from the show can be found here.

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