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That was the Quo month that was ... August 2000

10th - Quo concert at Skanderborg Festival, Denmark

The following review comes from Michael Hansen from Denmark.

Just about to become myself again after a very, very, very great, great concert in Skanderborg Thursday.

Unfortunately it was rain again so we waited at the hotel in Aarhus for better weather until 7pm. Took off and when we arrived in Skanderborg it was very difficult to find two free parking spaces - but at last we did - half an hour walk away. We were inside at 8 - got something to eat and then down to the stage. There are two stages beside each other, which means it is easy to get the usual place upfront while another band is on the other stage.

The rain stopped and Quo went on at 11pm. Lots of people were pretty drunk, which means they push a lot, so its hard work to be in the first row the first 20 minutes or so - then they calm down a bit.

I don't know how many people there were, but I guess about 15000. And from the very first Quo went totally berserk on stage. They were making a lot more fun, jumping, talking and running around than usual. They were in one of the best moods I've ever experienced. Francis was totally up and running together with the others of course. And Matt (Letley) - he was fantastic. Even Paul (Hirsch) got a bit longer out on the stage this time - great.

"Roll Over Beethoven" was out, but I can't remember what was insted. We've got all of "Living Doll" and "Bye Bye Johnny" was longer and different and we got "Shake Baby Shake" but the rest of the set was the same as in Luxembourg. It was a gig that will remain in my mind as one of the very best I've ever been to.

The danish press has been writing for two days and two whole pages about Quo and the one today was about Skanderborg, where the gig got 5 out of 6 stars. The journalist was also very impressed - he's a big Quo fan and he said that it was the best Quo concert he had been to in the last 10 years. And the audience were singing and dancing and played a lot of airguitar.

After the gig we went back - we were at the hotel at 2am and went to bed very tired.

Next morning, as we came down for breakfast - guess who came to say good morning - Mr. Rick Parfitt. We talked and he said he would be down in the hall about half an hour after breakfast. We got some (hopefully, haven't got them yet) great pictures with Francis and then Rick - they weren't in a hurry and they were in a very, very fine mood - so once again we could almost fly home, even if we were driving.

The only one who was in a hurry was Rhino - he looked like one who just got out of bed, with coffee in one hand and suitcase in the other running to the bus.

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