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That was the Quo month that was ... April 2019

1st - Francis interview on Wynne Evans Show (BBC Radio Wales)

Francis gave a short interview on the Wynne Evans Show on BBC Radio Wales on 1st April. In this brief chat, he said "I may get on people's nerves" but "I don't really care" and he struggled to say he's about to turn 70, instead saying "that year after 69". He talked about how he met Hannah Rickard and that "PR generally works" (hence all these radio interviews!). When talking about the Quo setlist, he argued for not changing it too much because "I like them to be as slick and efficient as they can be". The interview played out with "I Talk Too Much".

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2nd - Francis appearance on Lorraine (ITV, UK)

Francis appeared on the popular morning TV show, Lorraine, on 2nd April. Hosted as always by Lorraine Kelly, this was yet another promo around the new book, album and speaking tour and Francis was in good form, appeared relaxed and happy to chat. He mentioned his constant personality battle between insecurity and "Jack the Lad" and on the topic of sex, drugs and rock and roll, he said "some of it was exaggerated".

Lorraine brought up the subject of his wife, Eileen, and their complicated meeting. Francis spoke fondly about her and said "she allows me to be obsessed about being in Status Quo", "she's a strange woman, delightfully strange".

He also talked fondly about meeting Rick and their up and down relationship, saying their particularly clashed over Rick's choice to carry on drinking heavily later in his life. He talked about dreaming about Rick still being there sometimes.

Francis sounded like he was enjoying the speaking tour and smiled a lot when mentioning that the Rossi/Rickard album was the current "number one country album". Lorraine closed out the interview by describing Francis as the "ultimate survivor".

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19th - John & Gillie Coghlan's "Rockers Rollin'" radio show on BBC Radio Oxford

John and Gillie Coghlan were back on BBC Radio Oxford for another installment of their popular "Rockers Rollin" show on Good Friday, 19th April. They were joined in the studio by Medicine Head's multi-talented musician John Fiddler, and Netty Baker, daughter of Cream's 'wild' drummer Ginger Baker.

The show kicked off with a song chosen by Gillie, in the shape of Nina Simone's "Ain't Got No, I Got Life" (from the musical "Hair"). This was a perfect segue into John Fiddler reminiscing about having long hair before John and Gillie recounted stories of Ginger Baker and how they'd often met him along their journey in the business. Netty chose the next song, Elton John & Kikki Dee with "Don't Go Breaking My Heart".

Next up they chatted about Quo working with John Fiddler in Medicine Head and also British Lions (with the band being the UK support on the 1977 tour). John's song choice came next, one of his favourites from way back at school, Bob Dylan's "The Times They Are A-Changin'" before John Coghlan chose Cream's "Badge".

Described by Netty as "haunting and melancholy", her next song choice was "Fire And Rain" by James Taylor, before Fiddler blasted a bit of blues harmonica and closed out the song choices with Muddy Waters and "You Need Love".

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25th - Francis interview on BBC Radio Gloucestershire

A recorded interview with Francis was aired on the Dominic Cotter Show on BBC Radio Gloucestershire on 25th April, as promo for his speaking gig in Cheltenham as part of the "I Talk Too Much" tour. The interview was spread across two parts, with the first part played in with a medley of Quo songs. The interview started by talking about how the book came about and how it was easy to work on compared to the other autobiographies as all he did was sit and chat with Mick Wall. He was very modest about his achievements and again said he overanalyzes everything. He mentioned a preference for going into interviews and promos as unprepared as possible. Francis was unusually complimentary about the Quo audience, "something happens" that makes the gig special. He couldn't pick a favourite tour (though mentioned a tour of Sweden a few years ago that he found "very enjoyable"). This first part of the interview was played out with "Rockin' All Over The World".

About 40 minutes later, the second part of the interview was aired, led in with another Quo medley and "I Talk Too Much". Francis talked about how he met Hannah Rickard and then how the album came about (and he mentioned he'd "like to do another one"). He reiterated his love of working with a female voice. Inevitably, talk turned to Rick's passing and Francis again showed a lot of warmth in his responses. He sounded very positive about the future of Quo and mentioned how he's always looking to make it even better.

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26th - Francis "I Talk Too Much" spoken word tour dates announced for 2020

The next bunch of dates for Francis's spoken word tour went on sale at UK venues on 26th April. The 2020 tour consists of an incredible sixty shows and some of the venues participated in a pre-sale (from 24th April) for FTMO fan club members. The full list of dates follows.

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26th - "The Vinyl Singles Collection: 2000-2010" box set released

The fifth in the series of limited edition singles box sets was released on 26th April, in the shape of "The Vinyl Singles Collection 2000-2010. The ten black 7" singles come in a hardcover box with lid and some of these singles are available for the first time in this format (viz. "Mony Mony", "Jam Side Down", "All That Counts Is Love", "Old Time Rock and Roll" and "In The Army Now (2010)"). Each single was drawn from the original tapes and remastered, then presented in their original sleeves as well as a booklet with details of the chart history for each single and a collection of rare foreign picture sleeves. The singles in this box set are:

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undated - Quo article in Rock Candy magazine (UK)

The relatively new bi-monthly rock magazine, Rock Candy, featured a two-page look back at the "Hello!" album in an article called "Hello Reappraised" in their April/May 2019 issue.

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