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That was the Quo month that was ... April 2003

16th - Quo on The Footy Show (Channel 9, Australia)

Quo appeared on the hugely popular "Footy Show", broadcast from Melbourne on April 16th. Introduced by Eddie McGuire, the band played a live version of "Rockin' All Over The World" to an enthusiastic crowd. Panel members on the show got involved, strumming tennis rackets and air guitaring as Quo played. A solid promotional spot just one night before their first gig of the 2003 Australian tour.

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17th - Quo concert at The Mercury Lounge, Melbourne

Added at the last minute as a "warm up" gig for the Australian tour, this was a very welcome addition given that my wedding and honeymoon precluded any other gigs on the tour! The last Aussie tour was a great success and I followed the band all around the country, this tour would be a somewhat shorter one for me, just one gig! Having seen the band a couple of times in the UK last Winter, I knew we were in for a good night and looked forward to those "Heavy Traffic" songs once more.

Having never been to the Mercury Lounge before, I was surprised to see how small it is - a small stage, main floor and balcony, capacity of maybe about 800-1000 only. I doubt the Crown Casino complex (of which the Lounge is one very small part) has ever seen so much denim in one night, but the well-behaved early birds formed an orderly queue which was unembarrassingly long even by 7pm. An African drum ensemble performing at another of Crown's venues took their opportunity to warm up the waiting fans with a very loud drumming session at the end of the queue, a novel way to wait for a Quo gig indeed!

Doors opened a little after the scheduled 7.30pm and the fans wandered in and took up their spots at the front of the stage. No need to run or push & shove here, all very relaxed with room for everyone that wanted to be up front. The small stage looked crowded with all of Quo's gear (plus the support act's), but was decked out in full Heavy Traffic regalia. No room for big lighting rigs here, simple lighting the order of the night.

The night kicked off with local support band Heaven Scent, fronted by an enigmatic and obviously well run-in lead singer with a great voice. The baldy drummer caned out a solid backbeat and their guitar-based originals went down surprisingly well. Their choices of cover versions were also good, some very rocked up - almost to the point of being unrecognisable - choices their best received material. The band left to warm applause and the Lounge was nicely filled by the time they departed, a crowd of about 600.

The familiar faces of Quo's crew then took control as always, fashioning a stage fit for their masters to perform on. It wasn't long before the scene was set, all we needed were the main actors. Lights dimmed, the small crowd made some noise and then the five band members walked on stage (or, rather, clambered, having to negotiate an entry from the back of the stage and almost climbing over the drumkit!). We were ready to rock!

From the off, it was hard rocking stuff, kicking off as (almost) ever with "Caroline". Also obvious from the off was the volume, way too loud guys! Francis was even complaining and apologising for it, but heh it's rock music, so why worry? Pretty much the same set as in recent shows overseas, new stuff mixed it with the classics. The crowd were up for it from the off, though Rhino seemed to take a while to get into the show (thanks for the tour log mention BTW!). Francis and Matt were just in another world, having an absolute ball. I've rarely seen so much improvisation from Francis in particular, he was just doing his own thing and enjoying it. Matt was surprising them all with his displays and new finishes. Great stuff.

The set was slightly trimmed down, so about 80 minutes and it was all over, way too soon for us of course. From up front, this was an awesome gig simply because of how far off the norm a lot of the playing was, especially from Francis. Just great to watch, this one goes into my Top 5 Quo gigs!

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17th - Francis and Rick interviewed on The Today Show (Channel 9, Australia)

Rick and Francis were interviewed by Richard Wilkins for the Channel 9 morning TV "Today Show". The interview was supported by video snippets of "Running All Over The World", "Again and Again" and "Jam Side Down". The interview material was good and Rick claimed that Quo have yet to make their "Hotel California" album, a positive sign of the standard of orginal material still to come?

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20th - Quo concert at Twin Towns, Tweed Heads, Australia

This review comes from Graeme Petersen.

Just got back from Tweed Heads. Ears ringing like mad, but hey, that's a small price to pay!

Arrived early enough to see a bit of the sound check. Heard them playing "Don't Waste My Time". Stuck my head in the doors as they finished it. Then Frame just noodled around a bit, Rick played a bit of "Rain" by himself, then we got asked to leave. Oh well, they'd finished anyway.

Support act Mandrake came on at 8pm. Take 'em or leave 'em. Kind of Deep Purple/guitar hero wannabees (not that there's anything wrong with that!). Not my cup of Tetleys though.

Quo came on about about 9pm I think. Packed house. Probably 1500 punters at a rough guesstimate. All seats sold by the look of it. Standing room only.

Good natured, friendly crowd. Couldn't say the same for Tonto before the show though. He got all hot and bothered over something while he was setting up the guitars and gave some poor roadie a gobful. With good reason possibly because the sound was fairly ordinary and possibly (dare I say it) too LOUD! Francis mouthed the words "Sh*thouse!" to Rhino at one stage early in the set and was shaking his head and getting knowing looks from Andy a bit later on. I've seen him in better moods but he relaxed and played up and joked to the crowd more as the show went on.

Rick and Rhino were their perpetually smiling selves. Rick always give you the impression that there is no other place he would rather be than on stage and tonight was no different! Rhino interacted with the crowd and also seemed to be enjoying himself. He and Francis had a bit of byplay during "Gerdundula" which I gather from reading other reviews might be becoming a bit of a "thing". Good to see Andy out from behind the keyboards and playing guitar (and harp) on "Creepin Up On You" as well as "Gerdundula". He's a talented man is our Andy! Multi skilled musician as well as a great songwriter!

Matt makes drumming look easy. Never been much of a drums afficionado (drum solos bore me to tears, thankfully they went out with those other 70's shockers - flared pants, paisley shirts and Prog rock) but he does add "something". Might be in the mind but whatever it is, it's good.

Apart from the sound the band were great! I think the set list is pretty close to perfect at the moment (IMHO anyway). I'm not going to rattle it off as I can't be bothered trying to remember it all but I think it's the same set list they've been using for a while now. No "In The Army Now", "Anniversary Waltz" or "Burning Bridges". Good to hear "Junior's Wailing" in the encore!!!

There's enough there to please the soft core & the hard core with the hard core way in front I would think. If we accept we can't hear *all* our own personal favourites then I think they've pretty well got it right for most of us, most of the time. And as far as medleys go, if the only way I'm going to hear "Railroad" and "Most Of The Time" is in a medley then that'll do me! Just my opinion. Feel free to disagree.

The four songs from "Heavy Traffic" went over fairly well. "Heavy Traffic" the song probably got the least reaction of the four. "Creepin' Up On You" probably went over the best. My impression anyway.

For those that are interested in things geetar related, Rick used the white Telecaster instead of the Gibson for "Big Fat Mama". Anyone know why? Last time they toured Oz he had the Gibson out. Not complaining, just curious. Still sounded good! (relative to the sound problems that is).

Looking forward to Tuesday nights gig!

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21st - Quo on Good Morning Australia (Channel 10, Australia)

Rick and Francis were interviewed by Bert Newton on "Good Morning Australia" on April 21st (the interview was actually filmed on Thursday 17th April but aired on Easter Monday's show). The interview was followed by a live performance of "All Stand Up" with Bert introducing each member of the band, a refreshing change!

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21st - Dr Lee got married!

Yes, it's true! For all the details, please see the Lee & Kylie web site. The wedding went to plan and we honeymooned in the Maldives. Please take a look at our web site for plenty of photos and more about our big day and the dream holiday.

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22nd - Quo concert at Twin Towns, Tweed Heads, Australia

This review again comes from a lucky man, Graeme Petersen.

The following is a completely unbiased, objective review concerning a well known rock ensemble that some of you may know.................. the MAGNIFICENT STATUS QUO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday night was good. Last night was Sunday night to the power of 10!

Quo, the crowd, the sound, everything..... was arse kickingly brilliant! The sound was toned down from Sunday. Either that or I'm still deaf. Could hear everything much more clearly.

Frame rocked like Gibraltar! I am so in awe of this man it's ridiculous. I don't believe there is any other front man in any other rock act that develops a better rapport with his audience than he does! But even he gets lost for words! One bloke yelled out in between songs very clearly and audibly to Frame.." I LOVE YOU MAN!!!" about three times. Francis took it with his usual good humour but lost his train of thought momentarily to everyone's amusement. It was a great little interlude.

Rick and Rhino were great again. Each working the crowd on their side of the stage. I think everyone in the front few rows, at least, got a nod and a wink, a smile, a grin or acknowledgement of some sort from the boys. It's a small thing but it does make you feel good. Andrew looks to be enjoying himself more than on any other tour I've seen...or maybe I'm just paying more attention.

"Gerdundula" was a highlight again. The interplay between the four of them out front is great to watch. Frame almost did himself an injury when he slammed his guitar strings in mock frustration at was funny at the time but it must have hurt!

I thought I liked Matt before last night but I would now like to announce our unofficial engagement! ( My wife and Matt don't know about it yet). I have sitting in front of me as I type this dribble one very used Matt Letley/Status Quo drum stick courtesy of that wonderful chappy. My sis-in-law insists Matt was throwing it to her but Matt and I know better. Anyway, by some fluke my brother got the other stick! My brother and I have agreed to leave our sticks to each other in our wills. Unfortunately this means I will have to kill him.

Same set list with the addition of.....wait for it.....for a few bars.....of the "Batman" theme song! Rick was wearing a Batman T-shirt and someone with magnificent persuasive skills on Rick's side of the stage cajoled him into playing it. Excellent work!

Ahhh well. That's my Quoing over for now. Until the next tour

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27th - Quo concert at WIN Entertainment Centre, Wollongong, Australia

The following review comes from Sandra Seppala.

Just back from the Wollongong gig today - drove 2-1/2 hours from Canberra yesterday in the driving rain, down Macquarie Pass - but it was all worth it!

We didn't stay in our third row seats long at all, once the lights went down we were down the front, near Francis. The guys were amazing, and they seemed to be enjoying themselves. I would rate last night as the best concert since their return to Australia in 1997.

Two 'out of the ordinary' things did happen. The electricity cut out a quarter of the way through "Down Down". The boys walked off and the technicians quickly fixed the fault, then the boys walked back out and launched back into "Down Down" where they'd left it!

Then someone tried to run onto the stage but Rhino quickly cut him off and the security guards escorted him (a bit roughly) off the stage.

The crowd seemed to be up for it all night, and I'm always impressed how Quo acknowledge people in the crowd (even me, I think!)

Fingers crossed they might come back to Australia again!

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28th - Release of deluxe expanded editions of early albums

Unexpectedly, two further re-issues of the first two albums, "Picturesque Matchstickable Messages from the Status Quo" and "Spare Parts", appeared on April 28th. These double CD editions include both mono and stereo versions of the albums for the first time, along with some nice previously unreleased (at least officially) material, including early BBC interviews and sessions. Details and track listings follow.

Spare Parts - Castle CMEDD717 (UK 30-track Deluxe Expanded Edition 2-CD set)

1. Face Without A Soul1. Face Without A Soul
2. You're Just What I Was Looking For Today 2. You're Just What I Was Looking For Today
3. Are You Growing Tired Of My Love 3. Are You Growing Tired Of My Love
4. Antique Angelica 4. Antique Angelica
5. So Ends Another Life 5. So Ends Another Life
6. Poor Old Man 6. Poor Old Man
7. Mr Mind Detector 7. Mr Mind Detector
8. The Clown8. The Clown
9. Velvet Curtains9. Velvet Curtains
10. Little Miss Nothing 10. Little Miss Nothing
11. When I Awake 11. When I Awake
12. Nothing At All12. Nothing At All
13. The Clown (part of demo) previously unissued 13. Down The Dustpipe (mono A-side)
14. Nothing At All (part of demo) previously unissued 14. Josie (unissued at the time)
15. The Price Of Love (mono A-side)15. Do You Live In Fire (unissued at the time)

Picturesque Matchstickable Messages - Castle CMEDD718 (UK 45-track Deluxe Expanded Edition 2-CD set)

1. Black Veils Of Melancholy 1. Black Veils Of Melancholy
2. When My Mind Is Not Live 2. When My Mind Is Not Alive
3. Ice In The Sun 3. Ice In The Sun
4. Elizabeth Dreams 4. Elizabeth Dreams
5. Gentleman Joe's Sidewalk Café 5. Gentleman Joe's Sidewalk Café
6. Paradise Flat 6. Paradise Flat
7. Technicolour Dreams 7. Technicolour Dreams
8. Spicks And Specks 8. Spicks And Specks
9. Sunny Cellophane Skies 9. Sunny Cellophane Skies
10. Green Tambourine 10. Green Tambourine
11. Pictures Of Matchstick Men 11. Pictures Of Matchstick Men
12. To Be Free (B-side 7N17497) 12. Gloria
13. Make Me Stay A Bit Longer (A-side 7N17665) 13. Chat with Status Quo
14. Auntie Nelly (B-side 7N17665) 14. Black Veils Of Melancholy
BBC TRACKS (17/2/68 Sunday Club)15. Bloodhound
15. Spicks And Specks BBC SESSIONS (Traffic Jam)
16. Judy In Disguise 16. I Don't Want You
17. Pictures Of Matchstick Men 17. Almost But Not Quite There
18. Things Get Better 18. Spics And Specs
BBC TRACKS (Show 223)BBC SESSIONS (The Spectres)
19. Ice In The Sun 19. Gloria
20. Interview 22. Unknown
21. Make Me Stay A Bit Longer 20. Interview with Rossi
21. Neighbour, Neighbour

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undated - "All Stand Up" remixed by NFL

Here follows the press release to accompany Quo's remixed version of "All Stand Up" to be used as promo for the NFL in Europe.


Quo team up with NFL Europe
Press release 31-03-03

One of the world's most successful rock bands has teamed up with the NFL Europe League to write and perform the league's first theme song.

British chart legends Status Quo have recorded "All Stand Up" (for NFL Europe) to celebrate the kickoff of the league's eleventh season. The song, in which Quo are joined by rap star D-Mack, will be heard at stadiums around Europe throughout the season, which kicks off this weekend (April 5-6).

Quo performed at World Bowl X in Düsseldorf last June and guitarist Rick Parfitt says: "The atmosphere and the show elements there were absolutely stunning. We felt great being there in the middle of 53,000 American football fans."

Status Quo had their first chart success in 1968 and have enjoyed a succession of best-selling singles and albums ever since. Their hits include songs like Caroline, Down Down, Whatever You Want and Rockin' All Over The World, the song with which they opened the Live Aid concert at Wembley Stadium in 1985. Their total of more than 50 British hit singles is the most in UK music history and when Jam Side Down made the British charts last year it made them the first band to have hits in five decades. Meanwhile, they continue to sell out concerts around the globe, playing live to around 1.5 million fans every year.

The band rewrote their newest hit "All Stand Up (Never Say Never)" - taken from Quo's current album Heavy Traffic - to incorporate football-related lyrics and had British rapper D-Mack re-mix and perform on the track, which was re-mixed last month in Los Angeles. D-Mack, who has recently completed re-mixes for the likes of Madonna, Justin Timberlake and Jennifer Lopez, is also currently working on a song for the forthcoming Matrix movie.

Quo vocalist and guitarist Francis Rossi comments "When I originally wrote All Stand Up with my songwriting partner Bob Young, we both felt that it could become a great sporting anthem. When we discussed the idea with NFL Europe after playing at last year's World Bowl, it made perfect sense to add the additional Rap verses with lyrics relating directly to NFL and American Football".

Band manager Simon Porter adds: "We all are very excited with the result. This version is very different to everything the band has done so far. We all love it and we hope the American football fans will like it as well."

Status Quo's record label, Universal, has pressed 1,000 copies to promote the NFL Europe League anthem throughout Europe.

The NFL Europe League is contested by six teams, the Amsterdam Admirals, F.C. Barcelona Dragons, Berlin Thunder, Frankfurt Galaxy, Rhein Fire and Scottish Claymores. The season reaches its climax when the championship game, World Bowl XI, is played at Glasgow's Hampden Park on Saturday, June 14.

Links: - including sample of the track.

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undated - Quo interview at

The following interview - titled "Still Rocking All Over The World" - with Rick and Francis, by Paul Cashmere, appeared at

When you talk about the legends of British Rock the name Status Quo is always on the list. Quo are your archetypical English rock band and join an elite list with The Who and The Stones who have managed to slog it out since the 60's.

Quo have had some amazing stats. They've had more than 50 Top 40 hit singles in the UK, they've charted in the 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's and 00's and they've sold more than 100 million records since they first formed in 1967.

Founding members Francis Rossi and Rick Parfitt keep the legend alive and never have the band too long off the road.

They think this is currently their 9th Australian tour but it could be more (they've lost count).

Rick and Francis spoke with Undercover's Paul Cashmere.

Paul Cashmere (PC): Status Quo have a whole swag of new music on the way. There's the current album 'Heavy Traffic' but also the next album 'Rockin' All Over The Riffs'. Let's start by talking about that one first.
Francis Rossi (FR): It's a bit of a shock to me, I suppose. It is something we got talked into. If it means they'll let us make real albums then we have to do that, I suppose.
PC: Why were you talked into it?
FR: Do it or not really. We did it in the middle of the album we agreed to do and then we were told we had to have that or we don't get the other one.
PC: You've re-recorded classic Quo tracks for Rocking All Over The Riffs.
FR: Yeah, three or four of them. We did 'Down Down', 'Whatever You Want' and I think "Rocking" is on there as well.
Rick Parfitt (RP): We also did 'Down The Dustpipe" and "Junior's Wailing".
PC: They are early ones.
FR: I think "Dustpipe" would be the earliest, yeah. They are quite good.
RP: It's just that we didn't want to do an album like that but we had to. It is hard being in that position where you have to do something but it keeps us alive.
FR: It will go hand in hand with 'Heavy Traffic' hopefully and the pair of them will sail on happily together.
PC: Have you reinvented the old songs you have redone?
RP: Not really, we just played them with a new freshness with Matt Letley on drums. He has made quite a bit of difference to the feel of the band. I really put it the groovy pocket. I think it is fair to say we are playing better than we have ever played. It was a real kind of pleasure to do those songs again with a fresh feel to them. They sound really good.
PC: I don't think I've ever heard you perform 'Down The Dustpipe' in the last half dozen times you've toured here.
RP: It must have been 1978 since we last did 'Dustpipe'.
PC: How does it feel to dust off the old 'Dustpipe' then?
FR: Well, I suppose you could put it like that. We have talked about putting it back in the set. Anything is possible. I don't know though, we've got the set kind of in place for this year. Who knows? Maybe next year it could end up back in there. I think it is important that we do the old favourites. Everybody comes along and wants to hear 'Whatever You Want", 'Rocking' and 'Down Down'. As long as we maintain those we can build the set around way points, as it were. We can put the favourite album tracks in and tracks from really early on. Then just get out there and hope they like it.
PC: Even tracks from 'Heavy Traffic'. That album to me is the most refreshing work I've heard you do in a long, long time. It's also been your most successful album in a while.
FR: It's the best vibe we've had in a long time. Some of it is due to Matthew and some of it is due to the way we recorded it. It was just 5 guys in a room going for it. That seemed to be missing on not only our records, but most of the industries records for a long time. You don't sense a bunch of guys playing but that is definitely the vibe that comes off 'Heavy Traffic'.
PC: Did you record it live in the studio?
RP: Very much so. We actually rehearsed it up in the studio. It sat there, we vibed it up until we felt it was getting there. You always get that first take where you "Christ, I thought it sounded better than that". Then you have to up the ante again. I really think we got the best out of every track on this album. We got the one where we thought we had it and then we'd go and do one more, and sometimes we topped it, sometimes we didn't. We've squeezed every ounce of juice out of every track. The colour is right, the vibe is right and I agree, it is the best product we have done in a number of years. It has gone full circle. It has that vibe about it again. In turn, the four tracks that we are doing from the album in the stage sat have sat alongside the old classics very, very well. That takes quite a lot of doing. Over the years we have tried to do that and we haven't felt comfortable with it or you can tell there's a kind of a hush over the audience.
PC: 'Creepin' Up On You' is my favourite track from the album. Do you do that?
RP: Yeah and the audience love it. 'Creepin' Up' is very typically Quo.
PC: It has a hybrid 'Whatever You Want' / 'Roll Over Lay Down' vibe.
FR: I think it is more buesy than that. I like it because it has got a real bluesy feel to it. It is one of my favs on the album.
RP: As soon as you hear it you know it certainly is Status Quo. You get that off it right away.
PC: You get that off the whole album. Did that surprise you when you listened back to the finished record?
RP: It was very refreshing to hear that after a long way of deliberating over stuff, finding that niche again. It has gone full circle. The thing I find with this album and a lot of our albums, is once you get them home, check the mix out and they are okay, they invariable go on the shelf for a few years, then you get it out and play it again. This one I've got in my lounge at home, I've got it in my car and I listen to it all the time and that is a good sign.
PC: You've been together 36 years this year. Four more years and you match the Rolling Stones. They went out with 40 Licks, will you go out with 40 Riffs?
RF: I bet 40 something will happen. Yeah, probably, yeah.
PC: Have you thought about how you'll celebrate the 40th anniversary?
FR: It has been mentioned but we haven't given it any thought. It's quite a long way off yet. Four more years, that's a long time. We won't think about it yet.
PC: In the 36 years to date you've had 50 hit singles in the UK. That is just an amazing statistic.
RP: I don't know how that came about really. We were just lucky they worked. Our most recent was 'Jam Side Down' which gives us at least one in every decade over 5 years.
PC: So you've matched Cliff Richard.
RP: Yippee
FR: We don't think of it in terms of that. We just think of it in terms of having another hit record and as soon as the record went into the charts, as we've always done, we bounce around the room going "Yes". Then the stats are laid on you and the picture paints itself. There have been hits over 5 decades but you never really think of it. You just hope the record will go in the charts. That's all you can hope for after 30 odd years. If records are still charting, that's fantastic.
PC: Have you given up on America? That is a territory which has always eluded you.
FR: We were there very recently, a month ago. It was good. We play 2,000 - 1,500 seaters. It is much slower for us there.
PC: Robbie Williams is also having trouble cracking America.
RP: The thing is with any territory now, like Mexico, we went into Mexico and played to 15,000 people. That was an untapped market for us. With America, we will go there from time to time. It doesn't bother us that much. We just go around the globe and in some places we play to tens of thousands and in other territories we play to 1,800. It doesn't really matter in terms of your mental attitude towards the gig. You still have to go out there and give it 100%. It doesn't bother us.
PC: It seems to be bothering Robbie Williams.
RP: I would have thought it would have taken off there. I thought 'The Ego Has Landed' would have done really well and taken by storm, but obviously not. He is obviously too much of an attitude for them. It would be nice for us, but we are in a very fortunate position. It would be nice to have America on board but we don't lose any sleep over it.
PC: I still think of John (Edwards) and Andy (Bown) as the new boys in the band but they've both been there for years.
FR: John has been there 17 years but it only seems like yesterday he joined and he does still seem like the new boy. Luckily Matthew (Letley) is new there, so there is a newer boy.
PC; Ronnie Wood has been with The Stones 27 years and people still refer to him as the new boy. Do they identify with Ronnie?
FR: A little bit I suppose. They've been there a while but not as long Ronnie. If they feel like that, they aren't telling us.
PC: They've certainly earned their stripes.
FR: I reckon.
PC: Before them Alan Lancaster and John Couglan were in the band. How long were they in the band before they left?
RP: Funnily enough not as long as 'Rhino' (John Edwards) has been in it now. The same applies to Andrew. There are the odd pocket of people around the world who would still prefer to see the original line-up and are consistently asking about it on the net but there is just no way that that will ever happen. This band has just gone on in leaps and bounds and we are very happy with the way it is going. I really sincerely hope (and I don't mean this to sound morbid) but this will be the final line-up. It doesn't need to change anymore. It is really rocking now.
PC: I think you should call it the permanent line-up, not the final line-up.
FR: You can say that.
PC: Was the bad blood between you guys and Alan Lancaster the thing that is stopping him ever re-entering the band?
FR: Perhaps partially, but as Rick says it would be going backwards and it would be odd without John.
PC: Back to the album, 'Jam Side Down', the single. It is the song that is most different on the album.
RP: It is the commercial cutie.
FR: It sounds a bit down when you hear in on the album but when you hear it on the radio it sounds quite up. It was the right thing to do as a single.
RP: We thought it strange when we first heard the demo. It was written by Terry Britten, who wrote 'What's Love Got To Do With It' and stuff for Michael Jackson. It is a lovely song, and it was a lovely demo and when we listened to it we said "no way is it for us". It was literally a couple of days later we thought "are we looking a gift horse in the mouth"? So we did it and it didn't work. We did it again and it didn't work and then he said "just Quo it up". In crept the little finger (if you'll excuse the expression) and it just sort of came out. We recorded it and it sounded fantastic. It wasn't until we went to vocalise it and we realised we had done it in the wrong key so we had to do the whole thing again.
PC: 'All Stand Up' is single number 2. That one is a much more Status Quoish song.
RP: That one sounds a lot more frantic when you hear it on the radio. 'Jam Side' doesn't. It was the right thing to do. It is great in the stage set. It really sits there and really merits being in the set. It is becoming really popular around Europe. It will be the first time we have performed these songs out here.
PC: I'll talk about 'Digging Burt Bacharach" if only for the great title only.
FR: That was meant to have an 'up' in the title. It should have been 'Digging Burt Bacharach Up' (laughs).
PC: Who came up with the title?
FR: Bob Young. It was just the idea of looking at whatever it takes "cat flaps, Big Macs, digging Burt Bacharach". It rhymed. I thought it would be more popular than it is. I'm not sure how popular it is. I thought it would take the world by storm.
PC: It's popular with me.
FR: It's popular with me too.
PC: Great, in this little survey it is 100% popular.
FR: Great, we cracked it.
PC: It's a bit Dylanesque lyrically.
FR: I just see it as bluesy again. Bob has that angle, especially on blues rock lyrics. He is really good at that. I like the way it is half time at the verse and the bass drum picks up and then the snare drum picks up and then the guitars start.
PC: I was always a big fan of the Status Quo epics 'Forty Five Hundred Times", "Mystery Song" and "Slow Train".
FR: They are all in there.
RP: That's how we look at it when we try and structure the set. To get your favourite album tracks that we know people liked over the years, to mix them in with the classic singles and some of the new stuff, that is kind of what bakes the cake which is the set.
FR: "Forty Five" is in there, "Mystery Song" is in there and bits of "Slow Train" are in there so you have cracked the trifecta. It's a big set for you.
PC: I'll be the one jumping up and down at the front of the stage then.
FR: And hopefully you won't be the only one.
Status Quo's new album 'Heavy Traffic' is out through Universal Music.

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