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That was the Quo month that was ... April 2002

6th - Quo article in the Daily Star (UK)

An article about Quo appeared in the UK tabloid newspaper, The Daily Star, on April 6th. Headlined "Status In Style", it read as follows: "The Quo are back - and they are doing it in true rock & roll style. The veteran band are releasing a new album "Heavy Traffic" on September 23. But despite being wrinkly, they still know how to do things properly. Rick Parfitt, Francis Rossi and the gang wiil launch the CD on July 30 on the flight deck of HMS Ark Royal. Before that, lucky invitees will be taken to the famous ship in Portsmouth on the Orient Express."

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18th - Francis and Rick address UK Radio conference

As predicted by Music Week, Francis and Rick were invited to attend the UK radio conference and address a session dealing with the lack of airplay being devoted to older acts on UK radio stations. The following is a brief report on their contribution to the session.

" the afternoon the hatchet man (Trevor Dann) could finally be satisfied he really was right all along about Status Quo. The band's Francis Rossi confessed on the Shaw Theatre stage the three-chorders had made some terrible records, not least their cover of "Mony Mony". "It was ******* dreadful" he admitted. Meanwhile pal Rick Parfitt was giving it straight about their forthcoming album: "We'll tell you it's the best album we've ever made, but we've said that about every album we've ever had out"..."

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25th - Quo concert at Sala Razzmatazz, Barcelona

This review comes from Kike Caamano.

On Thursday, Quo played at the Sala Razzmatazz in Barcelona and I have to say that they were ... incredible!!!!!!! What a greeeeeat gig!!

It was my beeest Quo show!!! The set List was fantastic and the ambience superb!! The people was really with the band, happy faces, raising fists, shouts, etc......and the band played reaally hard!! The sound was perfect and very heavy, veeery heavy!!

And Andy Bown played great as usual, welcome Andy!!!!! He played the guitar on "Softer Ride" & "Gerdundula" and harmonica in "Old Time Rock and Roll" & "Solid Gold".

I met there great friends from many countries! (HELLO EVERYBODYYYYY!!). We had a great time there together. The "Powered By Quo Spanish Fan Club" made its first appearance in a Quo show with a big flag that you can see very soon in the "Powered By Quo" pages. Nacho & Susana were watching the soundcheck 'cos Mr. Rossi said them to get into the place, what luck! They have the Susana acoustic guitar with all the band signatures ... yeah!!! A fantastic night!!!

The set list was as follows:

Thanks to everyone there, Quo Army , We are the best!!! Quo forever!!!

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